Dental pain can often arise in the middle of the night, or at times that are not the most convenient for you.

We here at Endodontic Associates do our best to treat you at the earliest convenience. If you are experiencing dental pain and need to be seen right away we will always do our best to accommodate you at one of our two locations as soon as we can. If you need to speak to someone please call us at:

 Elmwood Park (708) 456-1915

Chicago (773) 725-0130

Things that can help expedite the process of figuring out what is causing the actual pain and help us to help you more efficiently is to keep in mind of the following:

 - When did the pain start?

 - Was there any type of trauma?

 - Does the pain ever wake you up at night?

 - Is there anything that makes the pain worse? (i.e. Chewing, Hot foods, Cold foods, Sweets?)

 - Is there anything that relieves the pain? (i.e. Ice packs, Heating packs?)

 - Does the pain get worse at night or when you lie down?